The Synergy of Fermentation and Chemical Synthesis in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) Manufacturing


In the dynamic landscape of pharmaceutical development, embracing cutting-edge technologies and robust manufacturing processes is necessary. At Suanfarma CDMO we are at the forefront of the industry, integrating both fermentation and chemical synthesis processes in the development and manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).

Fermentation: Cultivating Excellence

At the core of our fermentation process, we use microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, or fungi, to produce complex molecules essential for pharmaceutical formulations. The versatility of fermentation allows us to synthesize a wide array of APIs, including antibiotics, psychotropics, antitumoral molecules, or other innovative small molecules.

Our fermentation plants boast a comprehensive range of equipment, from lab-scale to full industrial scale, making us one of the largest fully GMP compliant facilities in Europe. Equipped with fermenters that enable precise control over environmental factors, we ensure optimal conditions for microbial growth and metabolite production, resulting in high yields of APIs that comply with the strictest quality regulations.

Chemical Synthesis: Precision in Progress

In accompanying our fermentation capabilities, chemical synthesis serves as a cornerstone in our multifaceted approach to API manufacturing. Through chemical reactions, we achieve APIs with exacting purity and efficacy, meeting the stringent quality standards demanded by the pharmaceutical industry.

Our facility is designed to accommodate a myriad of synthesis processes since it has the necessary elements to carry out complex reactions, hydrogenations, distillations, phase separations L-L and S-L, crystallizations and isolation of intermediates and finishes by centrifugation, Nutsche filtration, as well as drying in rotary vacuum equipment, fluid bed dryers and static dryers.

Depending on the new technologies required to undertake a specific process (carbonylations, cryogenic reactions, reactions in Titanium, Hastelloy or special alloy equipment), Suanfarma CDMO has a model for technical analysis of requirements and a team of professionals in charge of managing the investment projects necessary to install and qualify equipment, as well as to validate the processes undertaken in this new equipment.

To complement our consolidated industrial chemical synthesis capacity, Suanfarma CDMO is continuously looking at complementary cutting-edge technologies, including flow chemistry and continuous processing, to enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact. These advancements not only streamline production but also facilitate the development of intricate molecules that may be challenging to produce through traditional methods.

The synergy between fermentation and chemical synthesis is our true strength. By strategically combining these processes, we achieve a balance that maximizes efficiency, minimizes waste, and ensures the scalability of API production. This integrated approach allows us to navigate the complexities of diverse therapeutic areas with agility and precision.

There is an increase interest of the industry to apply fermentation processes to APIs synthesis as fermentation technology can reduce several numbers of steps of a traditional chemical synthetic process into just one or a couple of steps using fermentation technology.

Commitment to Innovation

As a leading API CDMO, we are committed to innovation. Our research and development teams continuously explore novel methodologies and invest in cutting-edge equipment to maintain the highest standards of quality and sustainability. We strive to advance pharmaceutical manufacturing, contributing to the development of life-changing medications.

In conclusion, the capacities and technologies employed by Suanfarma CDMO exemplify our dedication to advancing pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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