R & D

We invest in the future
through innovative technologies

Led by highly specialized scientists and researchers, Innovasuan, the R&D Division of Suanfarma, is one of the key drivers of growth for the company. The R&D division’s constant quest for developing new technologies for generic drug substance production has led breakthrough processes in many different therapeutic areas. We develop high-quality intellectual property and off-patent pharmaceuticals for markets all over the world. We cover all areas of product development, from route of synthesis design and optimization, analytical services, to manufacturing and registration.

Our R&D multidisciplinary team is composed of  experts in Pharmacy, Chemistry, and Engineering, all with extensive experience in Development and Technology Transfer conforming to international standards. Together, these factors create a fulfilling environment that offers attractive opportunities for career advancement

Suanfarma's R&D strategies
focused on 3 major areas

Our goals:

Our mission is to become the first company to enter the generic API market upon patent expiration of innovative products.

We implement new technologies at the laboratory scale (e.g., flow chemistry) for transfer to industrial scale.

We develop new technologies as rapidly as possible, with a focus on using non-hazardous reagents and solvents. 

We are highly committed to Green Chemistry and design our technologies with an emphasis on the recovery and reuse of solvents, reagents, and catalysts.