Walking meetings: when meetings take place while walking

Would you like to be able to have a meeting walking in the open air instead of sitting in an office?

In @SUANFARMA Italy that is exactly what we did and we liked the idea so much that we decided to use this new way of working to organize some of our next meetings.

A few weeks ago, in collaboration with @Amodotuo, a company specialized in promoting sustainable health practices in businesses, we organized an interactive workshop during which @Martino Guzzardo and @Carlotta Artioli, respectively founder and project manager of Amodotuo, helped us to implement this new way of working.

But what are the benefits of such an activity? movement makes you more alert, stimulates #creativity and the birth of new ideas, allowing you to burn calories and promote the flow of oxygen throughout the body, enhancing the brain’s ability to solve problems in limited time. Moreover, if the meeting is held outdoors, the benefits are not limited to physical health, but they extend to relationship-building, by putting participants at ease.

A lot of companies are reducing the number of meetings held in conference rooms. Instead, participants make appointments for walking meetings – walking tours around the company office”, says @Gian Nicola Berti, Managing Director of SUANFARMA Italia. “The majority of the people are more communicative and decisive when they are in motion and in fresh air”, observes him “and the Covid-19 emergency has unleashed this new way of working”.

@Suanfarma Italy, always attentive to the #welfare of its #employees, with the implementation of this new working method wanted to emphasize once again the importance that employees and their #health have within its organization.

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