Sustainable mobility grows thanks to SUANFARMA Italy

Sustainable mobility

Greater attention to issues surrounding sustainability and containment of environmental costs are the main factors which led @SUANFARMA Italy to decide to start implementing some electric cars within its fleet of vehicles.

A few weeks ago, in fact, the first fully #electric #car arrived at the plant, and is available to employees for business travel. This is a clear indication of SUANFARMA Italia’s belief in #environmental #sustainability as a strategic lever to be able to promote a #cultural #change among its employees. In support of this new philosophy which the company actively promotes, two recharging stations have also been recently installed and made available not only to employees who own electric cars, but also to the local community.

Thanks to the constant introduction of improvements aimed at making the company’s fleet more and more #green, SUANFARMA Italy represents a #best #practice among the Spanish Group’s companies. In addition to being in perfect harmony with the mission of our business, for which environmental sustainability is increasingly fundamental, the introduction of electric vehicles within the company fleet is a clear message of how SUANFARMA Italy is heavily attentive and willing to invest in the welfare not only of its employees, its customers and the local community but also the territory that hosts us.

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