SUANFARMA Italy testimonial of the Family Audit certification in Lucca

The emergency of the pandemic has shown us that the need to combine life and work time in the best possible way is a necessity and not an option.

In this regard, the Department for Family Policies considers strategic to engage in the promotion, throughout the national territory, of the innovative quality brand Family Audit focused on corporate welfare policies and specifically addressed to the family-work reconciliation policies.

The province of Lucca has also decided to support this important initiative and last Friday SUANFARMA Italia participated as a testimonial at the Lucca Family Net event, the innovative project to promote family wellbeing, the reconciliation of family-work time and gender equality within the workplace and families.

Our HR Head, Andrea Stiz, brought the testimonial of the path undertaken by SUANFARMA Italia since several years and which has allowed us to become a certified Family Audit company.

The participation in this important event is a further recognition of the attention that SUANFARMA Italia pays to its employees and their families, with the aim of achieving ever higher quality standards.

Investing in the family-work reconciliation is a medium-long term strategy that SUANFARMA Italia pursues in the belief that it is an effective driver for the growth of the company and an increase in productivity, through well-being and a better quality of life for employees.[

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