SUANFARMA Italia renews its ISO 50001 Certification

SUANFARMA Italia confirms its commitment to the path towards sustainable energy management.

We are pleased to announce that SUANFARMA Italia successfully obtained the renewal of our ISO 50001 energy certification last week.

The ISO 50001 certification ensures that our organization maintains an intact Energy Management System, thereby reducing energy consumption and environmental impact while simultaneously enhancing the company’s profitability.

The ISO 50001 Energy Certification reflects our commitment to optimizing the use of energy resources, reducing our environmental impact, and adopting responsible management practices.

This achievement would not have been possible without the dedication of each and every member of the SUANFARMA Italia team in embracing sustainable practices in our daily activities. Everyone significantly contributed to showcasing our commitment to reducing environmental impact and optimizing energy resource utilization.

We sincerely thank our collaborators for their valuable contribution and continuous support in implementing energy management policies and processes. The certification renewal is a result that mirrors our teamwork spirit and determination to pursue excellence in every aspect of our operations.

The certification renewal doesn’t just recognize our past actions; it also signifies an opportunity to continue growing and improving in the future. This milestone marks only the beginning of our journey towards a more sustainable future as we work together to enhance our energy performance and creatively address environmental challenges.

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