SUANFARAMA Italia opens its doors to local residents

SUANFARAMA Italia opens its doors to the residents of the Lizzana district in Rovereto, an opportunity for an open dialogue with the community.

On 21 October, SUANFARAMA Italia opened its doors to residents of the Lizzana di Rovereto district, a neighborhood close to the production site.

About twenty residents took part in the event and had the opportunity to take a guided tour, accompanied by the CEO Nicola Berti.

The visit was an opportunity for dialogue with the residents, which allowed us to personally answer citizens’ questions regarding the company’s activities and our efforts to reduce the impact of the company’s production on the surrounding environment, particularly with regard to odor emissions.

Nicola Berti illustrated the steps already taken by the company to improve the environmental impact of our activities, in the awareness that this is a process that will engage the company in the long term.

“We are undertaking a path to improve the environmental impact, which we began a few years ago. We have replaced the desiccator with a new enclosed one, covered the tanks and built a thirty-meter funnel capable of expelling the fumes upwards, but above all, we want to continue our fruitful collaboration with Appa and the Municipality, with a view toward continuous improvement. “

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