SUANFARMA Italia continues its journey in the world of sustainability, innovation and Lean Manufacturing

SUANFARMA Italia continues its path of innovation thanks to its collaboration with local schools and national excellences.

A few weeks ago, in fact, SUANFARMA Italia began a new collaboration with Auxiell, a consulting firm specializing in Lean Transformation and the Istituto Tecnico Tecnologico Buonarroti of Trento.

Last November, Auxiell resumed the training appointments that are part of the work-related learning program. The first appointment was with the fourth year classes of the Buonarroti Technical Institute and in the coming weeks will involve the collaboration of several local companies, including SUANFARMA Italia.

SUANFARMA Italy has enthusiastically joined the project and next week will have the opportunity to host a group of students in the company, who will not only have the opportunity to visit the plant but will also be personally involved in a business improvement project. They will, in fact, work to optimize and design according to a Lean perspective the work phases of the activity of washing storage drums of one of our intermediate products, as part of an improvement project that aims to reduce the economic and environmental waste related to this project.

At the end, the best projects will be selected and those considered most interesting will be awarded in a dedicated event.

Stay tuned, in the meantime good luck to all participants!

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