SUANFARMA Italia Celebrates a Production Milestone

SUANFARMA Italia sets a new production record.


SUANFARMA Italia is delighted to share an extraordinary achievement: in the month of October, we set a new production record for one of our flagship products. We successfully manufactured a remarkable 100 batches, totaling approximately 33 metric tons. This accomplishment represents a significant improvement compared to our previous record in November 2019 when we produced 90 batches, equivalent to about 30 metric tons.

This remarkable achievement is a testament to the dedication and commitment of each member of our team. By demonstrating an exceptional ability to reach this milestone, we have underscored the significance of our commitment to continuous growth and improvement. The application of lean manufacturing principles in our company’s operations is an integral part of our dedication to ongoing innovation and efficiency.

To commemorate this important milestone, we organized a special event to engage our entire team. It was a unique opportunity to celebrate this significant success together and strengthen our bond. We look forward to sharing further accomplishments and future progress as we continue to pursue excellence in our endeavors. Stay tuned for more updates on our constant pursuit of quality and innovation.

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