SUANFARAMA Italia achieves the title of Welfare Champion 2022

SUANFARMA Italia received the Welfare Champion 2022 award in recognition of its ongoing welfare efforts.

The seventh edition of the Welfare Index PMI 2022 report presentation: ‘Corporate welfare: a social pact for the country’ and the Welfare Champion company award ceremony was held in Rome on December 6th. 6,500 companies from all over Italy participated in the event.

SUANFARMA Italia was awarded the title of Welfare Champion 2022, an award that evaluates the level of welfare offered by Italian SMEs.

The Welfare Index PMI award, promoted by Generali Italia, is to all intents and purposes the result of an assessment that takes into account 3 main factors: the breadth and content of the initiatives implemented for each of the 10 areas of Corporate Welfare, the management of Welfare initiatives within the company, and the originality of the initiatives within the Italian business landscape.

SUANFARMA Italia is proud to have obtained this recognition, the result of our ongoing efforts to improve the quality of working life of our collaborators and our ties with the local community.

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