SF Italy improves manufacturing processes with artificial intelligence (AI)

SUANFARMA Italia has always been attentive to the theme of sustainability and
innovation. For this reason it is working on an improvement project that aims to optimize
energy consumption for the production of cold glycol used in our production processes.

The project also sees the collaboration of a partner for us now consolidated as Alperia Bartucci.

Alperia Bartucci proposes an Energy Performance Contract for the project of #energy
efficiency, integrated by a service of maintenance of the Perfomance analysis & monitoring system.

But how does cooling production currently work in SF Italy? Currently, the glycol is cooled by 4 refrigeration units, manually started and set by the operator of the Utilities department. Often the chillers are started and left running for long periods of time, thus wasting energy.

Thanks to the implementation of the new project, which involves the installation of an APC (Advanced Process Control) we will be able to automatically control the current refrigeration units, therefore their switching on, switching off and regulation. The APC works on the basis of historical data of consumption and makes a forecast of demand, starting the refrigerators when the demand for cold rises and lowering them, up to turn them off, when the demand falls.
There are many advantages expected from the implementation of this project: the system will coordinate the refrigeration machines at a high level and will be able to manage many variables simultaneously, it will also balance the generation units according to the demand for cold, it will respect all the safety and process constraints and above all it will allow SF Italia to achieve an annual energy saving of 8%.
SF Italia’s long journey towards innovation and #energy efficiency continues at a fast pace.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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