Reliable electricity thanks to biogas

Nowadays everyone talks about sustainable energy, but actions are worth a thousand words. SUANFARMA Italia using the biogas obtained from the waste of processing (exhausted mycelium or solvent recovery) is able to effectively generate electricity, as a reliable source of energy.

The engine connected to the biogas plant of SUANFARMA Italia has a power of 525 kW. The electricity produced is sold to the local public grid.

The plant uses about 10 tons of processing waste per day to produce about 140mc/h of methane to run the engine.

The biogas plant, by converting the biological material into biogas (methane + carbon dioxide), is able to reduce the amount of waste to be disposed of by over 1000 tons per year.

In addition, last year we produced about 2.8 million kWh of electricity from biogas fed into the public grid as certified energy from renewable sources. This means, that SUANFARMA Italia contributes to the national reduction of emissions of about 1,200 tons per year of CO2.

Respect for the environment is fundamental not only for the surrounding nature but also and above all for our health. It is possible to contribute to a cleaner world through forms of renewable energy and SUANFARMA Italia, through this process, takes another important step in applying the principles of circular economy to the production of clean energy, a strategic lever in the transition towards an increasingly sustainable energy.

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