SUANFARMA Italia improves the sustainability of its production of cold glycol

SUANFARMA Italia is excited to announce the upcoming revamping of its plant for the production of cold glycol at -7°C, which involves replacing two existing refrigeration machines with a new 2.2 MW ammonia plant.

In collaboration with Alperia Green Future and Frigotherm Ferrari Srl, SUANFARMA Italia has made significant progress towards sustainability with this project. By improving energy efficiency and reliability, the new installation is expected to provide greater sustainability for the company.

The new installation is expected to double energy efficiency in cold production, while also improving reliability and ensuring a constant supply to production processes. Moreover, the project includes an advanced process automation system, which optimizes functional and energy integration between the new and existing refrigeration systems.

This is an important step toward increasing the Rovereto manufacturing site’s sustainability and represents a major step towards enhancing the energy efficiency of one of the plant’s most energy-intensive processes.

The project’s focus on sustainability, efficiency, and reliability highlights SUANFARMA Italia’s continued commitment to meeting the demands of the market and ensuring high-quality production. The company is proud to be at the forefront of this important step towards greater sustainability in cold glycol production.

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