SUANFARMA Italia implements a new electrodialysis plant

SUANFARMA Italia’s new electrodialysis plant will improve the sustainability of it wastewater treatment operations.

SUANFARMA Italia is engaged in the installation of its new electrodialysis plant, in collaboration with e-watts, a company specializing in electrochemical technology with a focus on sustainable solutions with an eye towards creating a circular economy.

The main objective is to treat wastewater from our MBR plant, using electrodialysis reactors and reverse osmosis technology, in order to comply with water discharge limits in an environmentally sustainable way and without the use of chemical agents.

Each electrooxidation reactor is composed of a series of electrodes of a suitable metal alloy. By electrically powering the reactors, a potential difference is created on the electrodes which causes the dissociation of some molecules present in the water into highly reactive species which will contribute to the oxidation of the other molecules present. Following this first step, the water will be treated in the reverse osmosis plant from which a permeate will be obtained which will be sent to the final discharge and a retentate which will be sent to the top of the purification plant.

The testing phase is scheduled to start in April, with the aim of having a fully operational system by July 2023.

We are pleased to introduce a solution that further improves the sustainability of the wastewater treatment in our production system.

Thanks to this plant, we will be able to guarantee excellent water quality at the outlet, reducing environmental impact and promoting a more sustainable development.

This project represents an important step forward in our path towards sustainability and social responsibility.

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