Interview with Leonardo Ghin – Head of Fermentation Operations SUANFARMA Italia

How do SUANFARMA products come to life? Leonardo Ghin, Head of Fermentation Operations SUANFARMA Italia, tells us about it in this interview.

What does your role consist of and what impact does it have on company processes?

At SUANFARMA Italia I am the Head of Fermentation Operations, the department where the life of our products begins. My role consists in coordinating and leading a motivated and highly qualified team, which works daily to ensure the propagation and productivity of industrial microorganisms.

The Fermentation Operations department is a “biotech workshop,” in fact, thanks to modern microbiology techniques, using industrial bioreactors, we cultivate microorganisms capable of synthesizing the active ingredients that are then transformed into the finished products that millions of people around the world need.


What are the essential characteristics of your work?

The keywords in my work are: always do your best and always aim for new goals.

I firmly believe in the power of teamwork. Through continuous exchanges and dialogue, I do my best to create an inclusive climate where each member of our staff can fully express their skills and potential.  Each person must be able to make his or her own contribution to satisfy the needs of our patients, while keeping an eye on improving business processes and making them more efficient.


What do you think about the long-term sustainability goals the company has set for itself?

Global warming is a topic that requires immediate and decisive answers and everyone must make their contribution. I believe that SUANFARMA Italia is on the right track to become a virtuous company and an excellent example for other businesses in the region. Proof of this is the fact that sensitivity to environmental issues is widespread at all levels in the company and each department tries to do its best to mitigate the environmental impact of our processes. In Fermentation Operations, for example, we have implemented process improvements this year that allow us to save a lot of water.

What are your goals for SUANFARMA Italy for the near future?

The strength of SUANFARMA Italy is the talents of the people it consists of, so the growth of the company must pass through the continuous enhancement and training of its employees. By creating an inclusive climate of full cooperation between departments, focusing on continuous improvement of industrial processes and implementing investments to automate processes, SUANFARMA Italy can continue to strengthen its position as a strategic company on the Italian and European market in the production of APIs.


Three words to describe SUANFARMA

Dynamism, collaboration, excellence

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