Oxibendazole, API used against gastrointestinal nematodes


Oxibendazole is an active ingredient used in veterinary medicine (dogs, cats, horses and cattle) against internal parasites.

It is a nematicide used in swine, equids not for human consumption and dogs and cats (combined with another API).

Antiparasitics are widely used both to prevent and treat parasitic diseases, which compromise animal welfare.

Internal parasites sensitive to OXIBENDAZOLE:

In dogs:

– Toxocara canis – Toxascaris leonina – Ancylostoma caninum

– Ancylostoma braziliense – Uncinaria stenocephala – Dipylidium caninum
– Taenia spp

In cats:

– Toxocara cati – Toxascaris leonina – Ancylostoma tubaeforme
– Ancylostoma braziliense – Uncinaria stenocephala – Dipylidium caninum
– Taenia sppmayria

In pigs:

– Ascaris suum – Strongyloides spp – Oesophagostomum spp
– Trichuris suis

In equines:

– Strongylus vulgaris – Strongylus edentatus – Strongylus equinu
– Oxyuris equis – Parascaris equorum – Strongyloides weseri
– Cylicostephanus – Cylicocyclus – Cyathostomum
– Triodonphorus – Cylicodontophorus – Gyalocephalus
– Probstmayria

  • OXIBENDAZOLE is distributed by SUANFARMA and manufactured by UQUIFA in its plants in Mexico.
  • Toxicological reports available and complete environmental reports to guarantee all the necessary information.
  • Thanks to the collaboration with UQUIFA, we can offer this high performance and useful product in our VETERINARY division.



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