CIPAN continues to increase its competitiveness in the market thanks to its constant growth and expansion


Cipan continues its strong commitment to continue growing with the best technologies and expanding current facilities by building new areas. Cipan´s mission is to support clients by incorporating integrity, expertise and quality to the research, development and production of our active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Since 2016 Cipan is part of the SUANFARMA group, which has invested in the automatization of the plant and adapting the facilities to legal and environmental requirements to be competitive in international markets.

We are one of the top 3 companies in producing APIs through fermentation processes, or chemical synthesis processes. Cipan has one of the largest fully GMP compliant fermentation facilities of its kind in Europe with a total capacity of 860,000 Lt. In addition, CIPAN has 4 chemical synthesis units with a total reaction capacity of over 600,000 Lt.

Cipan has developed 3 generations of APIs derived from Tetracycline and other third-generation molecules that are currently in commercial phase or development. This endows us with a robust technological platform that can be used to leverage our clients’ projects and hence their competitiveness.

We provide you a One stop shop to boost your business needs.

Our wish is to grow together. Now is the time.

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