R & D

Suanfarma R & D

Led by high specialized scientists and researchers INNOVASUAN, the R&D Division of SUANFARMA, is one of the key growth drivers for the company. R&D Division constant quest for developing new technologies for generic drug substance production has led breakthrough processes in many different therapeutic areas. We develop high-quality intellectual property and off-patent pharmaceuticals for markets all over the world. We cover all areas of product development, from route of synthesis design and optimization, analytical services, to manufacturing and registration.

Our R&D team is conformed by multidisciplinary experts of Pharmacy, Chemistry, Microbiology and Engineering, with extensive experience in terms of Development and Technology Transfer conforming to international standards. All these aspects together create a fulfilling working environment that offers attractive opportunities for career advancement.



The transversal R&D unit is responsible for the development and maintenance of the SUANFARMA portfolio through a specific process of selecting new products for its development. We have created a complex project analysis system, based on Business Intelligence and Market Analysis studies, constituted by a multidisciplinary team of experts in different synergistic areas.


Located in Rovereto, Italy, SUANFARMA has its own R&D laboratory equipped with the latest technology and modern facilities to conduct almost all type of chemical reactions and complete physicochemical characterization. The infrastructure includes advanced instruments to perform HPLC/UPLC under GMP, HPLC preparative, gas chromatography, solid state studies and PSD analysis, reactions at –70°C/200°C, Grignard reactions and Flow Chemistry. The team has a successful track record in bibliographic research and evaluation of high potent APIs.

We focus on developing alternative non-infringing multi-steps routes of syntheses through commercially viable, cost-effective, and environment friendly processes. Thus, we have experience in the development and validation of in-house analytical methods, and MoAs comparison under GMP. Our team is well versed in regulatory filings and has a vast experience in documentation, including impurity and stability studies.


The Business R&D Unit identifies, negotiates, and reaches agreements for the development of APIs in CDMOs/CMOs. This Outsourcing model is supported by our Project Management and Controlling team, who are responsible for monitoring ongoing projects throughout their development that guarantees compliance with our milestones. We are experts in technical support, troubleshooting and Technology Transfer.


  • Our mission is to be the first company entering into the generic API market after patent expiration of innovative products.
  • Implementation of new technologies at lab scale (e., flow chemistry), to be transferred to industrial scale.
  • Develop new technologies as quickly as possible that are free of hazardous reagents and solvents. We are very sensitive to Green Chemistry, so we design our technologies focused on the recovery and reuse of solvents, reagents, and catalysts.