Nutraceuticals Webinar

We invite you to register in the webinar “Nutraceuticals and M&A”

Nutraceuticals comprise a wide range of substances and foods that, in addition to their nutritional value, also offer medical or health benefits for the prevention and treatment of diseases. Our colleague Gonzalo Tobaruela, Corporate Development Director of SUANFARMA, will participate in the webinar “Nutraceuticals and Mergers & Acquisitions” together with other selected industry representatives.

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Nutroxsun winner Ingredient of the Yrear award Nutraingredients USA

Nutroxsun® wins INGREDIENT OF THE YEAR in “Beauty from within” category at Nutralngredients-USA Awards 2022

We are proud to say that our branded ingredient Nutroxsun has been awarded with the Ingredient of the Year Award in the “Beauty from Within” category at the US edition of the Nutraingredients awards!

It is a clinically proven, natural botanical-based ingredient combining two Mediterranean extracts, rosemary and grapefruit, that has been clinically proven to protect from the inside-out the skin from sun-induced damage.

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