Environmental Focus: Our Clear Objectives for a Responsible Future

Corporate Social Responsibility CSR

At SUANFARMA we are committed to actively contributing to the protection of the environment and to being agents of change towards a more sustainable future.

Let us introduce you to our key goals:

Environmental compliance: We ensure that we comply with all applicable environmental regulations in each country where we operate. We recognise the importance of respecting laws and regulations to ensure the preservation of our natural resources.

Resource efficiency: We seek to minimise and optimise our resource consumption in all our activities. Through smart measures and sustainable practices, we strive to maximise efficiency in the use of resources such as water, energy and materials.

Reducing our carbon footprint: We take the challenge of climate change seriously and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We implement concrete actions to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and thus contribute to climate change mitigation.

Energy savings: We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our energy consumption across our operations. Through the adoption of energy-saving measures and the implementation of low-energy equipment, we work to minimise our environmental impact and promote energy efficiency.

Use of sustainable resources and materials: We strive to minimise the use of non-renewable resources and opt for low-impact, sustainably sourced products and materials in all our facilities. We actively seek more environmentally friendly alternatives and promote the circular economy in our resource management.

Efficient waste management: We are committed to efficiently managing and recycling the waste generated in our activities. We follow the circular economy approach to minimise waste and make the best use of available resources.

Responsible use of water: We recognise the importance of water as a valuable resource and strive to use it efficiently. We reduce our water consumption and take measures to minimise the environmental impacts associated with wastewater discharge.

Sustainable transport: We actively promote low-impact transport measures among our employees in their day-to-day work. We encourage the use of public transport, shared mobility and other sustainable alternatives to reduce the environmental footprint of commuting.

These are just some of the pillars of our Sustainability Policy. We are committed to continuously working to improve our practices and to be leaders in environmental responsibility.

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