CIPAN’S ability to adapt to New Challenges

Cipan Portugal

Cipan is a company of the SUANFARMA group that offers CDMO services to its clients. We bring our experience and knowledge to our customers’ projects from development to the commercial phase. Our facilities allow us to be flexible and adapt to the requirements of each client. We have R&D laboratories, Pilot Plant, Kilolab and Industrial Fermentation capacities, as well as specialized personnel in each area from non-GMP to GMP services. 

Cipan has a large R&D team and the necessary facilities to support our customers during the development process of their products: 

  • We have facilities to carry out Microbial Fermentation & Chemical Synthesis: more than 2,000 m3 of fermentation capacity and 4 chemical synthesis units with a total reaction capacity of over 600,000 Lt.
  • The Cipan team is specialized in the fermentation of microorganisms from the preparation of the inoculum to the cultivation of large volumes. We have various technologies to ensure proper separation of the biomass and all the capabilities for the purification of the molecules of interest. 
  • Cipan has one of the largest fully GMP compliant fermentation facilities of its kind in Europe, with a wide range of equipment, from Lab scale (2 Lt) to full industrial scale (up to 100,000 Lt). 
  • Additionally, Cipan is also designed to accommodate any typical Chemical Synthesis since it has the necessary elements to carry out complex reactions, hydrogenations, distillations, phase separations Liquid-Liquid and Solid-Liquid, crystallizations and isolation of intermediates and finishes by centrifugation, Nutsche filtration, as well as drying in rotary vacuum equipment, fluid bed dryers and static dryers.

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