Industrial SUANFARMA

The SUANFARMA group offers a big expertise and track record in CDMO services. Cipan, one of our factories, is made up of a large number of workers used to perform both fermentation/purification and chemical synthesis process. As we have worked with success in CDMO projects with more than 20 clients during the last years, the team is able to bring experience and knowledge to our customers in each step from early phases including development up to commercial phases with commercial supply.

Our track record includes the production of more than 30 different molecules, as chemical active substances, natural products, oligosaccharides and psychotropics, among others. Cipan can host many types of projects for different product applications in our facilities, and to support our customers in their challenges.

We work under GMP procedures for the manufacture of medicines for human and veterinary use. Our facility receives inspections from the EMA and the FDA, so we are prepared to produce for very strict countries in terms of quality. Therefore, Cipan is an international pharmaceutical facility that offers CDMO services around the world. USA, Canada, Australia, France, or UK are some of the countries from where our customers come. The team is able to adapt their protocols and working methods to what the clients need, which is very important for a successful project.

Additionally, Cipan is approved with the certification of the environmental management system according to the ISO 14001 standard. We achieved it in January 2020 with the recognition by the certifying entity (APCER) that CIPAN has an implemented system that complies with the standard, responding to a requirement expressed in Environmental License.

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