TT&GO, Advanced Technology Transfer


SUANFARMA’s industrial division provides its customers with a robust methodology and procedures for Technology Transfer, which minimizes risks and maximizes success as part of our global project management strategy. This platform helps to ensure the industrialization of any type of process in our factories and allows the commercialization of the final product in the market in a fast and efficient way.

In the pharmaceutical industry, in order to carry out a process efficiently and with guarantees, it is mandatory to use a rigorous, systematic methodology based on quality criteria. Our platform follows these same principles and allows us to apply our knowledge of GMP manufacturing in technology transfer processes.

Our platform is innovative, is registered under the name TT&GO®, and allows us to execute the necessary steps in an efficient way, as it sets the necessary actions to ensure the familiarization of the process and its subsequent scaling up. This procedure is based on the analysis of all the necessary information, provided by the client or generated by the SUANFARMA team, and the preparation of the necessary internal documentation that allows us to advance in each of the steps of the project, minimizing the risk.

Our methodology applies to external or internal transfers, and to all processes, in development and commercial, in which knowledge has to be transferred between the sending unit (SU) and the receiving unit (RU), within the different phases of the product life cycle.

o R&D laboratory at pilot development scale;

o From development to commercial launch/manufacturing;

o Customer external to SUANFARMA as lead manufacturer;

o Primary manufacturer external to SUANFARMA as a second source.

We offer a comprehensive service: from the transfer and familiarization process, the development or optimization, to the subsequent scale-up and commercial manufacturing. The technical team proposes actions throughout the project to always work with the lowest risk and meet deadlines.

Why TT&GO®?

– The existence of a methodology is a necessary policy in technology transfer.

– It is a service platform based on procedures whose correct management minimizes the risk of failure and therefore maximizes success with less cost and time. Our client is the owner when it comes to assuming more or less risk, being able to move forward with a zero risk objective.

– We focus on efficient processes and activities. There is a greater guarantee of efficiently reaching the commercial phase.

– It is flexible.

– Platform based on years of experience and a consolidated track record.

– The platform informs about risks and allows building a mitigation plan and an optimal project design.

We are committed to innovation in order to grow together. Now is the time!

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