CPHI Awards Nomination: Recognition for the Electrooxidation Project in Wastewater Treatment


We are pleased to announce that the groundbreaking Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment Project led by SUANFARMA and e-Watts Partner has been nominated for the 2023 CPHI Awards in the Sustainability category.

This innovative solution for the wastewater treatment plant is based on electro-oxidation, which does not require the use of dangerous chemicals and can remove non-biodegradable compounds and pollutants from industrial volumes of wastewater, making it a much more efficient and eco-friendly option compared to existing technologies.

The process utilizes special electrodes that generate free radicals with high oxidative power to oxidize pollutants down to their basic components. The resulting water is of higher quality than the original water source, ensuring that the production of SUANFARMA’s life-saving medicines has zero impact on water resources. Additionally, the plant generates green hydrogen as a byproduct of the electrolysis process, which can be used as an energy source to reduce the facility’s dependency on external energy sources.

This project is an important step forward in SUANFARMA’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility and could serve as a model for other pharmaceutical and wastewater treatment plants seeking to minimize their environmental impact.

The technology is unique as it is the world’s first large-scale installation that treats industrial volumes with a flow rate of up to 250 m3/hour. SUANFARMA’s innovative solution is an improvement on existing wastewater treatment technologies that often rely on dangerous chemicals or incineration, which can be harmful to the environment.

Overall, SUANFARMA’s initiative sets a new standard for pharmaceutical companies, showing that it is possible to produce life-saving medicines while also protecting the environment.


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