Welcome to another exciting blog post where we take you behind the scenes of SUANFARMA´s CDMO Quality Department. Today, we delve into the day-to-day operations, challenges, successes, and the value we bring to our esteemed customers. Let’s explore!

Day-to-Day Life

At SUANFARMA´s CDMO Quality Department, our mornings kickstart with a vibrant and dynamic meeting involving various departments such as Production, QC, QA, HSE, Warehouse, Finance, R&D, Maintenance, and Engineering. This collaborative session serves as a platform for discussing daily occurrences, ensuring alignment with the manufacturing plan, reviewing product expeditions, and addressing any emerging issues. It is an opportunity to redefine priorities and collectively strategize the best approach. Throughout the day, the Quality team communicates swiftly via meetings and email exchanges, making thoughtful decisions that directly impact operational activities.

Key Objectives and Challenges

One of the most critical aspects of achieving our objectives lies in establishing quality parameters that are measurable, consistent with our inherent quality policy, and relevant to product and service conformity. However, amidst the hectic routine, this task is not always easy. Hence, the availability of qualified and committed collaborators, along with the necessary resources, becomes paramount in ensuring our success.

Evolving Customer Relationships

Our customer relationships are built on professionalism and transparency. We place great emphasis on fostering good rapport with our customers, being collaborative, and readily available to address any challenges that arise. The Quality team aligns seamlessly with our company’s goal of not only being a product-oriented plant but also a service-oriented one, catering to our customers’ evolving needs.

Inspiring Success Stories

One of our remarkable success stories stems from our team’s adaptability and flexibility. We successfully transitioned from solely producing the same APIs to embracing several projects involving new products in the Synthesis and Fermentation areas. The Quality Control team faced numerous challenges, including improving and validating analytical methods provided by customers. Simultaneously, Quality Assurance adjusted its mindset, maintaining a proactive GMP approach to ensure excellence across the entire plant, irrespective of the project’s initial complexities.

Satisfying Aspects of Daily Work

The true joy of our daily work lies in the power of teamwork. It is incredibly satisfying to be part of a team that thrives in finding answers to challenges encountered in our day-to-day operations. Our company nurtures an environment that strikes a balance between leadership, respect, and cooperation, where hierarchy formalities take a back seat. We encourage open communication, allowing every team member to freely express their thoughts and contribute valuable suggestions for improvement.

Main Difficulties and Challenges

Keeping a sense of quality ingrained in our mindset presents a daily challenge. Quality is not just a department’s responsibility but a collective effort that each one of us must embody. We strive to maintain this focus amidst various operational complexities and ensure that excellence permeates every aspect of our work.

Why Count on SUANFARMA CDMO from a Quality Perspective? Our Value Proposition

We pride ourselves on implementing an all-around Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) culture. Our commitment to quality is valued and acknowledged by our clients, evident through successful external audits and inspections. We consistently deliver on our promise of maintaining a robust quality system that instills trust and confidence in our customers. Our unwavering dedication to quality sets us apart, making SUANFARMA CDMO the preferred choice for those seeking excellence in their partnerships.

In conclusion, the Quality Department of SUANFARMA CDMO operates with a relentless pursuit of quality, adapting to challenges, and building strong relationships with our customers.

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