SUANFARMA announces a collaboration with Reyoung Pharmaceutical to expand the existing portfolio of anti-infective and antibacterial products

At SUANFARMA, through our R&D division, we celebrate the historic agreement reached with Reyoung Pharmaceutical, a leader in the manufacture of active ingredients since 1966. Reyoung´s decades of experience as an exporter of products worldwide are perfectly aligned with SUANFARMA, which has been present in the pharmaceutical and nutritional ingredients market for 30 years.

This bilateral agreement between SUANFARMA, providing the technology internally developed and its partner Reyoung with a well-known trustability in manufacturing capabilities, will constitute a strategic cooperation for anti-infective and antibacterial API production. These drugs are crucial to guaranteeing the health of the population. Both companies consider it essential to ensure the supply of this therapeutic line, especially in these times of shortages and increased supply chain uncertainty for the global pharma industry.

SUANFARMA is committed to health and innovation, which is why it develops and produces accessible raw materials in accordance with the highest regulatory requirements of the EMA or the FDA. Moreover, the company is also devoted to environmentally responsible practices, embracing green chemistry and prioritizing environmental protection. To this end, their robust R&D team works on the development of technologies to achieve maximum efficiency in its processes, to incorporate cutting-edge active ingredients into its portfolio.

The innovative technology developed by SUANFARMA involves Flow Chemistry, improving yields, selectivity and reproducibility of the processes. It minimizes reaction times and requires smaller quantities of reagents and solvents, reducing raw material use and environmental impact. In addition, this technique is generally safer than traditional synthesis, reducing the risk of explosions and leaks of hazardous reagents.

“We are thrilled to join forces with SUANFARMA as we embark on this transformative collaboration, which marries innovation with exceptional product delivery. This alliance marks the beginning of an exciting journey, and we are confident that our collaboration will deliver immense value to our customers and partners by harnessing the unique strengths and capabilities of each organization.” Declares Mr Xie- Reyoung Pharmaceutical Vice-President

“This important strategic agreement between Reyoung and SUANFARMA highlights our shared commitment to technology-driven innovation and maximizing efficency in order to provide superior products to the patients. Reyoung’s exceptional partnership as our ally strengthens our global position, marking the first milestone in what we anticipate will be an immensely promising collaboration between our organizations.” Says Javier Calvo, R&D Director.

This significant agreement is expected to be the beginning of a strong collaboration between the two partners, with very promising results for the benefit of the patients.

We are fully committed to enhancing the health of both humans and animals, striving to prevent diseases in a sustainable manner.

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