ALFA – LAVAL BDPX 810 CGV – Continuous centrifuge acquired by CIPAN

Continuous Centrifuge

Cipan has acquired a continuous centrifuge Alfa – Laval BDPX 810 CGV. In a rapidly rotating bowl, the force of gravity is replaced by centrifugal force, which is many times greater. Separation and sedimentation are continuous and take place very quickly. The centrifugal force in the separator bowl can achieve in a few seconds that which takes many hours in a tank under influence of gravity.

The liquid is separated into two phases in the separator bowl, one light liquid phase and one heavy liquid phase. Heavier sediment is also separated out of the liquid.

This technology can be applied in the downstream of fermentation processes as it is efficient in the separation of two liquids with different densities and also for solids separation with automatic discharge.

The equipment has ATEX certificate for zone II and has the necessary connections for nitrogen blanketing need for the separation of flamable liquids.

This will allow multiple applications in the manufacturing processes.

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