SUANFARMA Italy Renews its Family Audit Certification

SUANFARMA Italy reaffirms its commitment to a sustainable work environment.


SUANFARMA Italy has recently renewed its Family Audit certification, further demonstrating our ongoing commitment to a family-oriented and sustainable work environment, in line with the guidelines of the Family Audit, and thanks to our proactive participation in the initiatives of the Family Audit District.

The renewal of the certification primarily involves the various activities carried out over the year, including the launch of our training catalog “Growing our Future,” designed to value not only our team’s professional skills but also their quality of life and well-being. Our philosophy is clear: invest in people as holistic individuals, and this initiative showcases it.

The courses offered include:

  • Posture Gymnastics
  • Nutrition
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Change Management and Well-being

To ensure a better balance between work and private life, we’ve provided different methods to access the courses, such as asynchronous E-Learning, webinars, and a “Blended” approach, accessible both from the web and via mobile apps (iOS/Android).

At the heart of SUANFARMA Italy’s ethics is our dedication to the well-being of our collaborators and their families. With this in mind, we remain committed to working alongside the Family Audit District, continually striving to improve our practices, ensuring an ever more inclusive and sustainable workspace.

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