Interview with Andrea Stiz – Head Of Human Resources SUANFARMA Italia

1. How has the function of the HR Manager changed? What aspects should HR managers focus on?

The HR function has undergone considerable evolution in recent years, due to the digital transformation, the constantly changing labor market, the increase in retirement age, generational turnover and, lastly, the ongoing SARS-COV2 pandemic. In this context, the active listening, empathy, lateral thinking, effective communication, organizational acumen, coaching and the ability to anticipate and accompany change have become as crucial as traditional technical and legal skills. On one hand, the figure of the HR Manager represents a qualified and trusted internal consultant for all company managers, on the other he is a mediator between top management and employees.

2. What are the main challenges for your team in SUANFARMA Italy?

The biggest challenges our HR team faces are talent acquisition and digitalization.
Since the acquisition of the Rovereto plant by the SUANFARMA group, we have in fact expanded the staff of various company functions to better meet the operational needs dictated by the new corporate structure and the new business strategy. The main challenge in this area is to imagine the future, not stopping at contingent needs to identify the best candidates who, properly supported, can successfully contribute to the realization of our strategic objectives. We are also looking for and implementing new digital tools through which we can make our HR processes even more effective and modern and keep them in harmony step with international best practices.

3. How is SUANFARMA Italia committed to improving the lives of its associates?

SUANFARMA Italia has always been focused on the well-being of its associates. It offers a safe and comfortable working environment, training and development opportunities, competitive and merit-based compensation packages, a wide range of welfare goods and services available on a dedicated web-portal, special leaves, insurance policies, an excellent in-house restaurant service, various types of conventions, and other initiatives that strengthen and promote engagement. For 5 consecutive years our plant has been awarded TOP Employer Italia, and in 2020 it received the #WelfareChampion (#WelfareIndexPMI) Award from the Italian Prime Minister.
For more than 5 years it has been certified #FamilyAudit thanks to the attention paid to family needs and work-life balance.

4. What kind of skills and competences are required in SUANFARMA Italia?

Our personnel search addresses chemical technicians (periti chimici), graduates and PhDs in scientific disciplines such as chemistry, Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Technology, chemical engineering, biology, biotechnology and similar. Two are the primary entry positions in our company: production technical operator and quality control laboratory technician. We offer to our new hires a positive and informal work environment, open to innovation and ideas for improvement; we also offer training courses, an adequate shadowing period, continuous support from managers, development and career opportunities based on individual performance and potential. We are looking for people who are curious, teamwork-oriented and open to change, proactive and motivated.

5. How is digitalization changing the way HR does business?

We use several IT tools that allow us to manage the main HR processes in an agile and accurate way. Payroll, recruiting, compensation review, corporate welfare, budgeting and reporting are some of the HR areas where we use specific electronic tools. We have implemented a self-service portal to simplify the management of time & attendance, to view pay slips and other personal documents. Other projects are being evaluated in the areas of talent development, performance management and expense reports.

6. 3 nouns to describe SUANFARMA Italia

Empowerment, excellence and growth.

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