Buonarroti Technical Institute students help us to reduce corporate waste

Last Friday the final event of the Leank project was held at the Istituto Tecnico Buonarroti of Trento in collaboration with Auxiell. Thanks to the excellent work done by the year 4 students, who were accompanied in their in-depth study of lean techniques by Michele Creazzi, Simone Sannicolo and Andrea Stiz, the project presented was selected as the most interesting, and won first place.

The study carried out by the young men plans to optimize, in a Lean perspective, the work phases of the washing of the storage drums of one of our intermediate products in order to reduce economic and environmental waste.

Our next step will be to implement the #improvement project within the plant.

A big thanks to all the young men who participated with great enthusiasm in this initiative, and helped us to reduce waste in the company.

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