Heparin Crude, a biological material

Heparin Crude

Heparin crude, (porcine origin) is a strategic starting material for Heparin sodium API and Low Molecular Weigth Heparin APIs (LMWH) (e.g. Enoxaparin).
Its biological origin determines heparin crude availability being fully dependant on pig slaughterhouses. Thus, vertical integration on the pig mucosa to extract heparin crude is a high value for all our customers.

These compounds are widely used as anticoagulants and also in the treatment of heart attacks and unstable angina

SUANFARMA is commited with heparin market by giving price stability and vertical integration on crude heparin. Our good track record recognizes us as a trusted supplier of high quality heparin crude.


  • Strategic location of the source
  • High quality heparin crude with high potency (150 ui/mg)
  • Vertical integration from pig mucosa
  • Good track record

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