Albendazol, a benzimidazole derivative


ALBENDAZOL, anthelmintic and antiprotozoal used in the treatment of infestations caused by parasites

ALBENDAZOL is an oral antiparasitic used in the treatment of gastrointestinal and pulmonary nematodes, and in the treatment of cestodes and trematodes in sheep, cattle and goats. This API acts both in larval and adult forms by inhibiting energy metabolism and acting on enzyme systems.

From the VET Division of SUANFARMA we bet for the best ingredients for your pet as well as for slaughter animals.

Antiparasitics are of great importance both in terms of animal welfare and economically, becoming a key part of the veterinary pharmaceutical industry.

From SUANFARMA we bet on this product hand in hand with UQUIFA as manufacturer. Together, we pursue the goal of achieving products under the best standards of high quality and accessibility.


  • ALBENDAZOL is distributed by SUANFARMA and manufactured by UQUIFA in its plant in Mexico.
  • COA and certificates GMP available and CEP quality in process (April 2022)
  • ALBENDAZOL has a fast elimination process that allows its use in slaughter animals, avoiding long delays for human consumption.


• SHEEP AND GOATS: Meat 10 days, milk 4 days.
• CATTLE: Meat 14 days and milk 4 days.

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