Vaccination for future generations


Once again this year we are pleased to be part of the initiative Childhood Vaccination Alliance. An alliance that joins efforts to save the lives of millions of children who are daily exposed to serious diseases because they do not have access to vaccines.
Childhood vaccination is one of the greatest health challenges worldwide, and even more so in recent years marked by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Since its creation in 2000, Gavi has helped vaccinate more than 888 million children in the world’s 73 poorest countries, helping to prevent more than 15 million future deaths.
The Alliance for Childhood Vaccination is supported by the “la Caixa” Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to quadruple every donation received, thus redoubling the efforts of all those involved. We are all working together to ensure the health and growth of children.

Together, we are adding lives to the generations of the future.


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