Insights from Our Recent ISO 45001 Audit


Last week marked a significant milestone for Suanfarma Rovereto with the successful completion of our ISO 45001 maintenance audit. The audit was concluded without any observations, affirming our ongoing commitment to excellence in health and safety practices. This achievement reflects the effectiveness of our safety management system and the dedication of our entire team to uphold and enhance workplace safety standards.

The ISO 45001 audit is designed to rigorously assess compliance with international health and safety standards, examining all aspects of an organization’s procedures. It focuses on preventive processes and continuous improvement, ensuring that health and safety risks are effectively managed. For Suanfarma Rovereto, passing this audit with no findings underscores our proactive approach to safety and our commitment to safeguarding our employees.

Our facility’s strengths were notably apparent in our implementation of Work Permits and Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) procedures. These safety measures are critical for preventing unintentional machine start-ups during maintenance, thereby protecting our employees from possible injuries. The full implementation of these procedures across the facility has been a cornerstone of our safety strategy.

Our ongoing Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) communication campaign also received high praise during the audit. This initiative focuses on influencing employee behaviors to foster a safer workplace. The effectiveness of the BBS campaign is evident in the positive safety behaviors observed among our staff, demonstrating the campaign’s role in enhancing our safety culture.

Furthermore, the audit highlighted the strong safety culture at Suanfarma Rovereto, characterized by proactive engagement and awareness at all levels of the organization. A safety culture that is supported by regular training sessions and drills, which ensure that our team is not only aware of the safety procedures but also prepared to implement them effectively.

This audit reaffirms the robustness of our safety management system and also marks an important milestone in our journey of continuous improvement. The successful outcome is a testament to the collective effort, cooperation, and professionalism of our entire team. We extend our deepest gratitude to all our staff for their valuable contributions and congratulate them on this significant achievement.

As we celebrate this milestone, Suanfarma CDMO remains committed to continuously enhancing our safety standards. Ensuring a healthy and secure working environment across all our operations is not just a regulatory requirement, it defines who we are as a company and is integral to our mission of providing safe, high-quality pharmaceutical solutions to our clients.

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