Committed to continuous improvement of industrial processes and reduction of environmental impact


At SUANFARMA we work to improve industrial processes and reduce the use of certain raw materials in pursuit of more sustainable production.

One of our team’s main objectives is to optimize intermediate reprocessing processes to reduce the number of rejected batches to be destroyed, which translates into reduced waste and greater production efficiency.

Another of our focuses is the development of processes for the reuse of catalysts, which allows us to reduce the consumption of this material and minimize waste generation.

In addition, our team is working on the optimization of experimental conditions to avoid losses and degradations during the process, which means obtaining more product from the same raw materials and, therefore, reducing the use of resources.

We have also conducted a process change study to avoid the use of large amounts of solvents in extractions and industrial chromatography, as well as to increase yields. Our team is committed to reducing our environmental impact and is constantly looking for new ways to do so.

Among the measures we are implementing to achieve a sustainable system is the use of environmentally friendly solvents and the development of processes with as high a concentration as possible to reduce the use of organic solvents. We are also limiting solvent vapors and organic reagents to avoid environmental pollution, and we are using as few toxic reagents as possible.

In addition, we are exploring flow chemistry to reduce solvents, reagents, and time. This approach is directly related to energy reduction and is therefore an attractive option for improving the efficiency of our processes.

In summary, our team is committed to the continuous improvement of our industrial processes and to the reduction of environmental impact.

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