Water treatment in Cipan

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CIPAN collects all its wastewater through a different way than the stormwater. In this way, it does not mix polluted water from its processes with rainwater.

This system is known as separative networks. The wastewater derived from CIPAN’s manufacturing processes is treated in a new biological water treatment plant that has been operating since August 2018, using a novel technology called electro-peroxy-coagulation (EPC).

The objective of electro-peroxy-coagulation is to inactivate the antibiotic molecules before they reach the biological reactors and thus prevent the microorganisms in charge of purifying the water from dying as a result of the antibiotic.

The electro-peroxy-coagulation process combines two effects: it breaks down antibiotic molecules (tetracyclines) into smaller molecules and oxidizes these fragments, making them more soluble. In this way, the antibiotic molecules lose their bactericidal activity and do not affect the efficiency of the biological reactors.

The treated water is sent to the municipal collector (Vila Franca de Xira) for subsequent treatment along with other urban and industrial waters.

CIPAN complies with all the discharge parameters established by Portuguese environmental legislation.

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