Passiflora, the flower of serenity


It´s native to Mexico, but since ancient times its cultivation has moved to the confines of the Inca empire, in present-day Peru. When the Spanish explorers arrived in Peru in 1569, they found a strange exotic plant, with a kind of cross on its central disk, and they attributed to it the symbolism of Christ’s passion. It made them think that God approved the invasion and that He would provide protection in their erratic search for El Dorado. Since then, it is known as the passionflower.

The plant

Passiflora incarnata, is a perennial vine, up to 8 meters long, with numerous ramifications. It has palm-shaped leaves, split into oval and sharp segments. The flowers are very large and striking, with five petals of cream or reddish color, and numerous external filaments of purple color. On them are arranged the stamens and stigmas, thick, in the form of a cross. They give off a pleasant, perfumed fragrance. The fruit is an oval berry, with a green satiny skin, with a fleshy and juicy interior, reddish in color, edible and with numerous black seeds with a gelatinous appearance.

Uses and trends

  • Medicinal use of the herb begins in the 19th century in the United States, but from ancient times in the Incan empire .
  • Passionflower is used for indications such as nervous restlessness and gastrointestinal spasms. Their effects are primarily on the nervous system, particularly for anxiety due to mental worry and overwork.
  • In turbulent times, natural products are more sought-after than ever before by the stressed and the sleepless. More people are looking for natural, holistic alternatives to chemical, artificial, and synthetic therapies.
  • Compared to other nutraceuticals and products in the sleep and mood categories it offers immediately tangible benefits.

Why us?

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