Healthy Aging

Eternalyoung, the ultimate fusion between Beauty from Within and Healthy Aging

Products based on botanical extracts are of great interest for their benefits to human health. However, not all botanical extracts are the same. Plants from the Mediterranean region have a different composition compared to those grown in other climates and regions of the world. Its hot, dry summers and mild, humid winters mean that plants adapted to this type of climate have a significant richness in antioxidants and other secondary metabolites beneficial to human health.

These extracts are used in many ways, from cosmetics to the nutraceutical industry. Taking this into account, botanical ingredients with a high concentration of antioxidants help slow the normal aging process.

How does a botanical extract help delay aging?

Throughout life our cells, and in particular those of the skin, which is where we see it first, lose properties such as elasticity. This is due to a decrease in the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. On the other hand, they lose their defensive capacity against free radicals produced in the cells.  These free radicals are responsible for oxidative stress, a highly damaging process from which cells protect themselves through antioxidant mechanisms which diminish over the years.

Eternalyoung’s botanical extracts help delay the signs of aging through their antioxidant properties, which reduce free radicals and oxidative stress in our skin. In addition, studies have shown that these extracts reduce the activity of an enzyme called telomerase, which is responsible for the shortening of an area of the chromosomes called telomeres and which the scientific community has associated with cell longevity. In resume, Eternalyoung reduces oxidative stress and extends cell life by delaying the signs of aging.

Protection against aging is not only about the external application of products on the skin, but science has shown that we can take care of ourselves from the within and protect ourselves from external aggressions such as the sun, pollution or stress, thus maintaining the skin’s natural properties.