Monteloeder receives double nomination for Ingredient of the Year: Beauty from Within in Nutraingredients-USA Awards

We are excited to reveal that two of our branded ingredients compete as Ingredient of the Year in the “Beauty from Within” category in the upcoming Nutraingredients-USA Awards.

Skin aging is a natural process due to a combination of both intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

Our genes play a key role on how our skin ages. Skin type, race, external and internal factors influence the speed by which different signs of aging appear in our skin. Extrinsic aging is defined as the set of external factors that accelerate the skin’s ageing process and is related to environmental exposures and lifestyle habits. This includes sun exposure, pollution, and tobacco, which trigger molecular processes that damage the skin. Other less studied factors, but which have also been identified as having a significant influence on skin aging, include our diet, levels of stress and sleep quality.

Two of the most relevant external factors that cause premature skin aging is the sun and pollution. Moreover, both factors can act synergistically, further accelerating the process, in a phenomenon known as photopollution. Based on these premises, we have been working for almost 15 years in identifying the most efficient active compounds found in nature that can help maintain a healthy, youthful-looking skin by increasing the skin´s defenses against the environmental factors. Our deep knowledge in the category has resulted in the creation of two botanical-based blends rich in polyphenols: Nutroxsun and Zeropollution.

Now, we are thrilled to reveal that we are nominated for the Beauty from Within category with these ingredients. Being shortlisted with one of our ingredients is already exciting, but two of them is mind-blowing! We´re just a little over a month away before the winners are revealed, but the nomination is already a win. We thank the organizers and judges of the 2022 Nutraingredients-USA Awards for this opportunity.