Beautiful Skin from the Inside with Nutroxsun®

During the pandemic, consumers were largely interested in their health, particularly related to immunity, while abandoning other interests such as beauty-from-within (also known as ingestible beauty). Now, however, things have changed. As countries slowly open again to the world, and consumers begin to go out and socialize, the interest in these beauty solutions have gone up again. Yet consumers are now demanding more complex solutions that tap not only into beauty but also in their health and wellness. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to develop more innovative products that provide both beauty and added benefits, which makes it a perfect moment to consider Nutroxsun® as part of any final ingestible beauty product.

ABOUT Nutroxsun®

Nutroxsun® is a multi-ingredient botanical-based formula highly purified in polyphenols that has been clinically tested to help protect the skin from the inside. Its focus is on helping the skin cells fight against UV-induced damage, contributing to reduce the inflammation, DNA damage and cell degradation caused by sun exposure. Clinical studies demonstrated that Nutroxsun® reduced skin oxidation and inflammation when exposed to the sun, while also improving skin appearance, reducing wrinkle depth, more elasticity, and a more uniform skin tone. Results were evident as early as 15 days after beginning the intake, and the effects were more noticeable the longer the ingredient was taken.

Therefore, Nutroxsun® brings together the best of both worlds, by providing health benefits to the skin while improving its firmness, elasticity, and overall appearance. It is backed by several pre-clinical studies, validated in 4 human clinical studies, and has several approved health claims in Canada and Korea.

Besides Nutroxsun®, our portfolio of innovative beauty-from-within ingredients includes Zeropollution®, focused on reducing the damaging effects of environmental pollution on the skin, and Eternalyoung®, an anti-aging ingredient that delays the natural skin aging process to maintain a youthful and radiant appearance.

Just recently, Nutroxsun® has been awarded with the Best Ingredient of the Year for the Beauty from Within Category in the Nutraingredients-USA Awards 2022 (in which Zeropollution® was also nominated). We are extremely proud of this accomplishment, and further proves the innovative nature of this ingredient in the beauty-from-within category.

Jonathan Jones, Ph.D.

CSO Monteloeder