World benchmark
in the APIs and Nutraceutical Ingredients Industry

Who we are?

SUANFARMA founded in 1993, is a B2B life science partner specialized in the development, production, and commercialization of ingredients for the pharmaceutical, veterinary and nutraceutical industries.

Our facilities comply with the highest existing regulations in the pharmaceutical industry. With the support of a consolidated and strong commercial network with 12 local offices placed strategically around the world, SUANFARMA provides its services to more than 3.000 active customers in over 70 countries.

During the last years the company has achieved the highest growth in its history and has acquired 5 new companies in Spain, Portugal, Colombia and Italy, increasing significantly its industrial and development capacity.

What do we do?

At SUANFARMA, we are committed to health and innovation. We develop new technologies and processes to offer innovative products, following the trends of the world of health and the needs of our customers. We cover both “super sales” molecules and niche molecules or specialized therapies.

At SUANFARMA, we develop and produce raw materials according to the highest regulatory requirements of the EMA or FDA. We collaborate with our clients in the development of their final formulations, providing value in all phases of drug development, procuring customized solutions and keeping them informed at any time of the sector trends so that they can be anticipated to market’s needs.

Our facilities comply with the highest consideration the existing regulations in the pharmaceutical sector, based on Good Manufacturing Practices, and instrumented through Standard Work Procedures (PNT-SOP, Standard Operating Procedures) that guarantee the highest level of service and quality.


& Vision


  • Create value for customers by developing and supplying products with the best conditions of quality, service and price.
  • Promote a corporate culture based on the recruitment, training and retention of talent, the development of innovative products and encouraging entrepreneurship.
  • Contribute to improving quality of life by providing expertise and services in the development of affordable drugs that meet society´s needs.
  • Maintain the commitment to environmental sustainability and the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility.


  • Increase the industrial capacity from our solid position in Spain, Latin America and the US.
  • Consolidate and expand the international presence by becoming the world reference company in the raw materials sector for the pharmaceutical, veterinary and nutritional industry.
  • To be the leading group in development, manufacturing and distribution of active and nutraceutical ingredients in the pharmaceutical, veterinary and nutritional sectors.


  • Closeness. We focus on the customer and strive to meet their needs. The combination of professionalism and excellent personal attention is for us an unbeatable formula in work performance.
  • Commitment. We are a company committed from an ethical point of view, with all the principles that constitute the concept of Social Corporate Resposability (CSR).
    • Commitment to the well-being of those who integrate it.
    • Unwavering vocation of sustainability
    • Commitment to the identification, training and retention of talent. 
  • Development. We develop a company culture from respect, diligence and conviction. We seek continuous improvement for the professional and personal development of all the members of this project.
  • Entrepreneurship. We promote entrepreneurship as an attitude and way of life. We are characterized by our innate ability to see opportunities and take advantage of them.