Plameca – лаборатория группы Suanfarma, занимающаяся разработкой, производством и реализацией, в соответствии со стандартами GMP, диетических продуктов, биологически активных добавок и лекарственных растений; мы также предлагаем досье для регистрации разработанных нами продуктов.

Мы предлагаем более 200 наименований продуктов и 400 лекарственных растений, как с собственной маркой, так и под маркой торговца, в соответствии с потребностями наших клиентов

Anti-CholesterolBONCOLVinylditines and sulphides from garlic extract30 gelatine capsulesRebalancing of cholesterol (+hdl; - ldl). Reduction in triglycerides. Abdominal fat reduction
POLICOLDry fermented red rice yeast extract, guggul, artichoke, dandelion and policosanol60 veg. capsulesReduces cholesterol. Liver protection
Digestive SystemESENCIALISSaccharomyces boulardii, chlorophyllin and marine coral60 veg. capsulesIntestinal repairer. Reduces food intolerances
Cardioprotective369KOmega 3, 6, 9, Krill Oil and Borage Oil110 soft gelatine capsulesReduces cholesterol. Cardioprotector wide spectrum
StressSERENITYCasozepine from hydrolised milk protein20 veg. capsulesNatural anxiolytic without side effects
CALMACARUMFish autolysate and standardized dry extracts of passiflora and rhodiola, tryptophan and vitamins B6 and B160 cápsulas veg.Relaxing. Stress situations
Urinary tract infectionsCRANBYCYSTDry extract of American cranberry, bearberry, orthosiphon and vitamin C30 veg. capsulesPrevents and relieves cystitis. Both sexes
Joint problemsCURARTI CRONO/FORTEComplexeted curcumin15/30 tabletsJoint swelling and regeneration
CURARTI REGENComplexated curcumin + Vegetal glucosamine30 sachetsCartilage regeneration
Circulatory problemsCIRKUSANDry pine bark and grape seed extract40 veg. capsulesTired legs and hemorrhoids
VENAFLUIDDry extract of red vine, horse chestnut, citrus bioflavonoids, butcher´s broom & hamamelis60 veg. capsulesTired legs and hemorrhoids
Intellectual performanceMEMOPLAMAcetyl L-carnitine, phosphatidylcholine, Eleutherococcus, vitamin E, superoxide dismutase and vitamin B660 veg. capsulesMemory and attention stimulant
ColdSUMMUM PROPOLPropolis with high concentration of bioflavonoids and echinacea dry extractVeg. capsules, syrup, spray, effervescent & chewable tabletsAnticatarrhal, pharyngitis, hoarseness, (upper and lower) respiratory tract infections
OverweightPlan 21 (6 references)African mango extract, fucoxanthin, black pepper extract, fluid extracts of plants, polyphenols, picolinate chromium, oxitriptan, phaseolamin, conjugated linoleic acid with L-Carnitine tartrateVegetable capsules, soft gelatine capsules and syrup (250ml)Reduction of body and abdominal fat deposits. Reduction of fluid retention. Reduction of calories from fat and carbohydrate assimilation. Satiating action and associated anxiety
TonicsACTIVITYTheobromine and caffeine from cocoa and green tea extracts20 tabletsMild depression, apathy, discouragement
MACAWHANDATaurine, dry extracts of ashwagandha, maca, tribulus, and vitamins C, B2, B3, B6, E and B160 veg. capsulesPhysical and mental stimulant. Improves libido
Hepatic disordersPROTECTIUM HEPATICFluid extracts of artichoke, thistle, boldo, blackcurrant, rhubarb, green tea and trace elementsSyrup (250 ml)Liver protector
Menopausal symtomsISORETARDExtended release soya isoflavones30 cápsulas veg (1 cápsula /dia)Alleviates climateric and menopause effects
Sleep disordersMELANOCTINAPure melatonine30/60 sublingual tablets & syrup (50ml)Fall asleep fast. Improves sleep quality