Cipan is a company dedicated to the research, development and production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Advanced intermediates. Founded by Sebastiao Alves in 1960, it has been involved mainly in the development and production of different types of antibiotics by both fermentation and chemical synthesis. The factory was inspected by the FDA in 1965 for the first time and has since been favorably inspected by the FDA and other regulatory authorities.


Gonmisol is dedicated to the distribution of ingredients to the food, dietary supplement and sports supplement industries. It has one of the largest stocks of amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, nutraceuticals and botanical extracts in Europe. Gonmisol has accreditation from many agencies for the sale and distribution of the ingredients that they sell.


Plameca manufactures and markets a wide range of medicinal and dietary plants, and natural food supplements developed to improve health and quality of life. The product catalogue offers the widest range in the market and includes non-native vegetable species, as well as dietary supplements, plant extracts, jellies, syrups, oligotherapy, litotherapy, etc.


Labosuan I+D is a company of Suanfarma Group that centralizes all the activity of development of new active principles such as the development of generic drugs based on those active principles, to its registration (sanitary marketing authorization) anywhere in the world. Labosuan does not directly sell products developed, but it offers them to local laboratories through license and supply agreements, or in specific cases, through distribution agreements.


Idifarma provides contract development and manufacturing services to the pharmaceutical industry with specialization in highly potent drugs (cytotoxic). Provides a full range of services covering most of the lifecycle of any pharmaceutical product from first pre-formulation trials to commercial manufacturing: drug formulation, development and validation of analytical methods, quality control and batch release in the EU, stability studies, regulatory affairs, GMP contract manufacturing and packaging for clinical or commercial use.