Plameca´s new product B-TURMACTIVE®

B-Turmactive® combines the water-soluble fraction of turmeric with the insoluble curcumin (curcuminoids), whose clinical anti-inflammatory effects have been extensively studied. The aim of gathering these two fractions of the plant is to reproduce the composition in active ingredients of the native plant in a more concentrated manner. Both fractions have demonstrated anti-inflammatory activity by different mechanisms of action.

The combination of these two fractions aims to exert a more potent effect than the individual ingredients, based on the synergism or “totum” effect that occurs in many natural herbal products traditionally employed.

➢ B-Turmactive® contains an exclusive and innovative aqueous turmeric extract free of curcuminoids. Instead, it is rich in bioactive polysaccharides that have shown to exert anti-inflammatory and immunostimulant effects.
➢ Curarti® Curcumin Complex provides a source of highly bioavailable curcuminoids, thanks to the exclusive formulation of curcuminoids complexed with β cyclodextrin.

✓ Reduction of pain and inflammation in only 48 h
✓ 100% natural, food supplement
✓ Clinically tested in 68 patients
✓ Featuring Turmasolv® + Curarti® Curcumin Complex
✓ Only 1 capsule per day


INDICATIONS: knee osteoarthritis, general joint discomfort (acute or chronic), joint pain associated to age, joint pain associated to physical exercise.
TARGETED POPULATION: Individuals with acute or chronic joint pain wishing quick relief. Individuals with inflammatory conditions. Healthy people with joint pain associated to sport and training

Por Silvia | 3 de October, 2018 | Noticias